Sreemoyee: Surprise party leaves Rohit overwhelmed

The Bengali TV show Sreemoyee airs some interesting episodes that revolve around Sreemoyee and Anindya 's contrasting life. Homemaker-turned-working lady Sreemoyee is making slow but steady moves in her career while Anindya he's trying to catch up with his pace.

In the last episode, Rohit You invite Sreemoyee to visit his place once. He says, when he bought the house, Sreemoyee was in his mind, although he never thought of getting a chance to meet her once again. Sreemoyee's aesthetic sense inspired him to decorate his house. Sreemoyee turns emotional listening to his words. Rohit also decides to give her a car for the conveyance. Sreemoyee gets embarrassed and denies using a new car. He has also arranged a driver for her to the office.

Sreemoyee talks about her life. She had two cars at their place but Sreemoyee had no right to use any of those. She saw her husband Anindya giving a lift to his the then girlfriend June while she had to travel in bus to buy vegitables from the market.

Rohit inspires her to achieve her dream. He also talks about the negative environment in Anandaniketan . Sreemoyee says Anindya will leave. Rohit says Anindya still loves Sreemoyee but he never gave her any respect.

When Rohit tries to talk about Sreemoyee's feelings for Anindya, she avoids the topic.

Dinka and Dithi , along with other staff of the organization, arrange a party to surprise Rohit who is leaving the country. Dinka sings a song.

Kia is accompanying Dinka thinking about his safety. Rohit says Arna’s parents won’t harm Dinka.

Later, Sreemoyee also sings a beautiful song.