Sreemoyee: Arna cares for Sankalpa's well-being

Bengali television series Sreemoyee The story is gearing up for a new track that revolves around Sankalpa and Arna .

Arna, Dinka , Rohit and Sreemoyee are in a hospital to identify a dead body. Arna is not in a stable condition and worries about Sankalpa . Rohit asks whether she would like to talk to her parents. Arna replies that she has severed all the relationship with her parents.

Rohit helps Arna to stay calm. The hospital employee asks Arna to go inside the morgue and identify whether Sankalpa is one of the victims of an accident.

To everyone’s relief, they can’t find Sankalpa there.

Sreemoyee looks at Arna and realises she is fighting with guilt. She explains Arna ’s relationship with Sankalpa . Arna had to marry Sankalpa but couldn’t accept it initially as she was in love with Dinka . Gradually, her relationship with Sankalpa improved. Rohit reveals Sankalpa might have left without telling Arna .

Arna and Dinka have a heart to heart conversation. She talks about her feelings for Sankalpa .

Sreemoyee and others accompany Arna to her home.

Rohit gets a call from his friend Bikash who is the police commissioner. Bikash tells, they found a suitcase which has been sent to Arna's place for identification. It was found near a railway track along with a body.

Rohit tells Arna about the incident which leaves her shattered.