Khorkuto to tell the story of love, family ties and values

Khorkuto, a new Bengali TV series will be released soon. Will be the star Trina saha , Koushik roy , Dulal lahiri , Ambarish Bhattacharya, Chandan sen , Sohini Sengupta and many other seasoned industry players. Before its release, the artists and creators Leena gangopadhyay , Saibal Banerjee addressed the media in a virtual press meeting.

Speaking about the story, Leena said: “Khorkuto is the last resort for a person when they have lost almost everything. In our history, it is the house. It is a home that we have all dreamed of or could have seen in our lifetime. United by roots, strong values ​​and unconditional love, members of a joint family live, laugh and cry together. They support each other no matter what.

Leena shared how she's been lucky enough to have been a part of such a family in her real life. “Most of my stories and characters are inspired by incidents or characters in real life and Khorkuto is no exception. I am lucky to have seen such a beautiful family. These days we mainly see nuclear families and the current generation has not seen joint families. I feel that it is my responsibility to tell the story of such a beautiful family through my program, ”he added.

The team has already started shooting. Koushik, who plays the male lead, said: “I will play Soujanya, a man who is part of a big and happy family. He has grown up with strong values. We have already started shooting and I'm really enjoying it ”.

Trina is also thrilled to play a bubbly girl, Gungun. She is the complete opposite of Soujanya, but fate unites them. Speaking about her role, Trina added: I haven't played any character like Gungun. It really is a great opportunity for me.

The Sohini theater personality is set to become part of a mega-series. She looks forward to this new journey. Sohini will play Soujanya's aunt. “I have seen such a family in real life. For me, it is our theater group. I am lucky enough to have them in my life. We already started shooting. The experience of the first day was incredible, since we have some outstanding actors in the team, he added.