Sreemoyee: Sreemoyee wants to help Anindya

In the latest episode of Sreemoyee, Rohit is overwhelmed by the farewell party. Dithi, who had clashes with Rohit earlier, seeks an apology to him. She accepts how she misunderstood him. Rohit says he will come back soon. Dinka too turns emotional. His eyes turn moist as talks about the fatherly affection towards Rohit.

Next day, Sreemoyee gets ready. Dinka will drop her and Dithi to the office and college respectively. He wants to meet Arna then.

Anindya talks to a probable buyer of his car. Sreemoyee, Dinka and Dithi notice them. Dithi says Anindya wanted to sell his car due to financial issues. She also talks about her dad’s emotions associated with the car.

Sreemoyee talks to the buyer and cancels the deal. Anindya doesn’t agree to this. Sreemoyee suggests Dinka buy the car for his group but in reality, she doesn’t want Anindya to lose the car.

Later, Sreemoyee tells Dinka, she will pay for the car by taking a loan from her office. Dithi and Dinka realize Sreemoyee wants to help Anindya. She doesn’t want him to lose his car. Sreemoyee also doesn’t want him to travel by bus.

Arna's parents talk to her about Sankalpa It's death. They blame Dinka for the present situation but Arna denies it. They try to provoke her against Dinka.