I am less exposed to the virus compared to my boudi, who is a frontline COVID-19 warrior - actor Gourab Mandal after his co-star tested positive for coronavirus.

The growing number of COVID-19 within the television industry it has left many people concerned. From actors, team members to makeup artists from different units, they have already been diagnosed with the virus. Actor Gourab Mandal Co-star Neha Amandeep has also tested positive for Coronavirus . It has caused panic in the industry.

Gourab, however, is unwilling to let it affect his positive spirit. “We underwent the test before resuming shooting after the crash. The moment Neha realized she had flu-like symptoms, she immediately reported it to the production house and they sent her home. A short time later, I took the test and the report came back negative. There is no need to panic. Rather, we should focus on precautionary measures and keep our positivity intact, ”said the actor.

Gourab emphasized the fact that manufacturers are adhering to precautionary standards. After the Neha incident, everyone on set is more confident about the precautionary measures. “Personally, I have liked to keep all the precautionary rules. I wear a mask, wash my hands frequently, and put on makeup. Other members of the unit also wear gloves and masks. We are wearing soft clothing to cover our faces so it doesn't ruin the makeup. So, there is no need to panic. Panic will only make the condition worse. The actor gave the example of frontline warriors who are most exposed to the virus.

“My boudi is a nurse. She, along with other doctors and nurses, works tirelessly only to keep us safe. My brother has a daughter who is one year old. Boudi has to leave the baby girl at home to shoulder her duty. Compared to her and other frontline COVID-19 warriors, I am least exposed to the virus. I see no reason to be panicked, ”I explained.

Gourab, who has been quite health and fitness conscious, focuses more on boosting immune power. “I am always health conscious. I stay in shape and exercise regularly. The only way to deal with the current situation is to stay healthy and positive. Keeping your mind and body healthy is the first job. I practice basic exercises and some free-hand exercise at home, I do pranayama, eat healthy foods, mainly green vegetables and consume water, he added. Apart from this, the actor is also taking precautionary measures. I did not visit my parents who are in Purulia . I feel bad but there is no other way. They care a lot about me. I talk to them by video call. Preventive measures can help us deal with the situation, ”said the actor.