Naba Naba Rupe special show to take the audience on a nostalgic journey

Today (August 9) a special television program will be broadcast to celebrate the day when Doordarshan kendra : Kolkata started a new journey in 1975.

The special show Naba Naba Rupe ... has woven together all the nostalgic moments of the last 45 years of DD Bangla's journey. It will take audiences back to a time when television was more than just an entertainment medium.

The special program Naba Naba Rupe ... is directed by Anindya Roy and Souvik Rooj. She has woven many important moments from this journey and will take the audience on a journey down memory lane.

The show will also feature the Oscar winner Satyajit ray talking about '25 years of cinematography '. Programs like Kothay O Sure, Nababarsher Baithak , Close Up were very popular with the audience. Naba Naba Rupe ... will feature different moments from these popular shows. It will also recreate nostalgia for Chuti Chuti, a special children's program, which aired during the school holidays. From movies by famous directors to programs based on learning, Chuti Chuti was part of the holidays. Even the Chuti Chuti title song was quite popular and can still make 90's kids nostalgic in no time. Similarly, from the first glimpse of Mahalaya on Bengali TV to the inside stories behind the scene stories, the special will tell many unknown stories.

Apart from that, ‘Naba Naba Rupe…’ will also highlight documentaries, stage-plays and tele-serials which made Doordarshan kendra : Kolkata’s 45 years of journey special. Artists, anchors, news casters, performers, producers, who have been a part of this journey, will also share their experience on this show.