Sreemoyee: Anindya is overwhelmed by Dinka's gesture

In the latest episode of Sreemoyee, Mithu di informs Sreemoyee that Ankita and June are having an argument. Dinka chuckles imagining the situation downstairs and hesitates to meet his dad. But Sreemoyee insists him to meet Anindya and give the money to him.

Dithi asks for a new dress. Arindam says he will buy her one but Sreemoyee says she will take care of that. Sreemoyee also decides to buy a dress for Mithu Di’s daughter Mou , who passed the exam with flying colors.

Meanwhile, June and Ankita have an argument over making breakfast. None of them is ready to do the household chores. Anindya is not in a position to afford a househelp. When Anindya gives Sreemoyee's example and how she handled everything alone, it leaves June angry. She speaks ill about Sreemoyee but Ankita defends her (Sreemoyee).

Meanwhile, Dinka meets his dad and gives the money along with the key. June reacts learning the fact that Dinka’s team bought the car. Dinka says his team won’t need the car too often and requests him to use it when needed.

Anindya is moved by Dinka's gesture. Jumbo does not leave the opportunity and indirectly seeks Dinka. Anindya opposes and defends her son. But he (Anindya) hesitates to use the car that he already sold. Dinka explains that she won't be able to see her father riding a bus if he has a car. He gives the key to Anindya, which leaves the latter completely excited.

Cops come to Anindya’s place to speak with Dinka. The police officer says he is a suspected murderer. June and Jumbo feel happy that Dinka will be in trouble soon.