Krishnakoli: Amrapali Faces the Media; reveal the truth

Bengali TV show Krishnakoli is broadcasting something exciting turns these days.

In the latest episode, Ashok has returned realizing the fact that Nikhil I cannot expose it. Sujata he's mad at him for suddenly leaving the house. Cook a story about relief work. Disha is happy to have him back.

Sujata informs him how Amrapali used to dress like Shyama . Ashok tries to provoke his mom against Nikhil taking advantage of the situation.

On the other hand, Shyama gives prasad to Aditya. He says Amrapali will hold a press conference and also talks about arranging one to reveal their side of the story.

Aditya is sure that people will soon learn the truth. He says Nikhil will be shocked by the truth but Disha and Ashok will be in real trouble.

Sujata says Nikhil loves Shyama and wanted to unmask the culprits. She asks him not to scold Nikhil for his mistakes.

Disha asks Ashok to stay calm and make more of the situation. Neither Nikhil nor Arun will be able to get back the normal life. She suggests that there is no need to run away with Rs. 50 crore.

Amrapali and Nikhil hold a virtual press with. Nikhil reveals everything including Aditya’s sudden comeback. They also announce the cancellation of the show.

Disha feels happy as her plan is working properly.