Sreemoyee: Arna defends Dinka

In the latest episode of Sreemoyee , Arna's parents force her to think that Sankalpa Death was not natural. She realizes what they are trying to imply. Arna easily opposes and defends Dinka .

Her parents further suggest a thorough investigation in this regard. Arna's dad has already lodged a police complaint.

Soon, they try to prove that Dinka is greedy. They also talk against Dinka's family especially his dad Anindya who divorced Sreemoyee and got married once again despite having grown-up children. Arna supports an unbiased investigation but she isn’t ready to tarnish the image of Dinka or his family.

Kia and Dinka visit Arna 's place along with some food. They don’t receive a warm welcome from Arna's parents. They (Arna's parents) try to project Dinka as a murderer. This leaves Dinka shocked. But Arna comes to his rescue and clearly states that Dinka is innocent. Kia too defends him.

At Sreemoyee's place, Dinka tells his grandfather about Anindya's decision to sell the car. He also mentions that Sreemoyee has bought the same to help his band. In front of her father-in-law, Sreemoyee hesitates and tries to hide her feelings towards Anindya.

Dinka tells Arindam that Anindya has no idea that Sreemoyee did everything to help him in the crisis. Arindam feels proud of her. Sreemoyee gives the money and asks Dinka to give it to his dad.

After a long time, Mithu di comes. She informs Sreemoyee about her daughter’s result.