Ke Apon Ke By: Joba and other family members to depict a 35-year incident

TV series Ke Apon Ke By 'He's airing some interesting twists these days to entertain the audience.

In the last episode, Khudu goes to the kitchen and mixes some harmful drug in Ratna Food. But before anything could materialize, Rinki arrives there. She manages to convince Rinki to take rest while she would cook. But soon Joba comes and Khudu fails to materialize the plan.

Joba goes into Ratna's room with food. The latter seems to be talking to her baby girl Joba in her imagination.

Seeing this, Joba turns emotional and asks Ratna to feed her too. Tears roll down Joba's cheek.

Khudu too enters the room and wonders how to materialize the plan. She decides to mix the harmful drug into the water.

Joba asks for the water but Khudu doesn’t handover the glass citing some silly excuse. She takes the glass in the kitchen and finally mixes the harmful drug.

Ratna drinks the water and smells something unusual. When Joba inquires the matter, Ratna cooks up a story.

Joba, with the help of other members, enact the 35-year old incident. Ratna slowly starts reacting seeing the same.

She faintly recalls the incident when Joy takes Pratap’s name. Khudu wonders why the medicine isn’t showing any effect.

Kuhu plays little Joba. Seeing her, Ratna recalls the day when the incident took place decades ago.