Khorkuto will be released on August 17; Ke Apon Ke Por gets a different space

Upcoming TV series Khorkuto, starring Koushik roy and Trina Saha, will be released on August 17. Well, the show will air on Ke Apon Ke By ', Which is currently one of the longest running mega-series on Bengali television. Now him Pallavi Sharma and Biswajit Ghosh starrer family-drama will be shifted to a later slot. From August 17, ‘ Ke Apon Ke By ’ will be aired at 10.30pm to make a room for the upcoming TV show ‘Khorkuto’. There is yet another change; ghost-comedy ‘ Chuni panna Now it will move at 11:30 p.m.

The upcoming Khorkuto program is written and produced by Leena gangopadhyay Production house. It will tell the story of a joint family. Hero Soujanya (Koushik), is a scholar and man of principle who has assimilated from his family. Heroine Gungun (Trina), on the other hand, is a happy and lucky girl, who lives life to the fullest. What happens when they meet and fall in love is the crux of the story. Khorkuto will now compete with Jomuna Dhaki, which is being broadcast on a rival television channel at the same time. It will be interesting to see if Khorkuto beats Jomuna Dhaki, who had a good TRP during the opening.

On the other hand, ‘ Ke Apon Ke By ’, which was giving a tough competition to newly launched ‘Jomuna Dhaki’ until now, is one of the most successful shows aired by the channel. Despite running for 4 years, the show scores well on the TRP charts. In fact, it is spotted in the top 5 spots on the TRP charts giving a tough competition to other shows. Protagonist Joba (played by Pallavi ) and her roller coaster journey have kept the audience entertained. Joba-Param’s chemistry and back-to-back twists have worked in favour of the show, making it one of the most-loved shows on Bengali television.

The change in the time slot apparently has left ‘ Chuni panna ’s fans upset. The show will now air quite late. Starring Tulika Basu, Annwesha Hazra and Dibyojyoti Dutta in prominent roles, ‘ Chuni panna ’ is popular for its humorous content.