Ke Apon Ke By: Will Khudu be caught?

In the latest episode of Ke Apon Ke Por, Joba and other family members represent the 35-year-old incident to help Ratna regain her lost memory. Seeing it in front of her eyes, Ratna loses consciousness and falls on the ground.

Joba notices something is oozing out of her mom’s mouth. Anu you eat and examine her. Ratna's symptoms leave Anu shocked too. They wonder other than mental shock what might have caused this present situation.

In the meantime, Khudu realises the harmful drug she had mixed in Ratna's water is working.

Anu calls the ambulance while Joba cries profusely. The latter blames herself for her mom’s condition.

Ratna is taken to the hospital. Anu says something must have been mixed in the food. Joba says she prepared the food and had the same food too. So there is no chance of food poisoning. Joba wonders how Ratna could be poisoned.

Koel asks whether someone else was there in the room when Ratna was having her lunch. Joba recalls about Khudu's presence.

Soon, the doctor arrives and is of the opinion that this type of harmful drug mixes easily with water and leaves no traces other than a slight change in smell.

Joba recalls Ratna had told her about the change in the smell and she (Joba) had asked Khudu. Joba connects the dots and realises Khudu is sent by none other than Bishan to harm Ratna.

Joab asks Param to inform the family members and to also contact the police.

Khudu packs her bag and keeps a knife too. She tries to sneak out, but right then Rinki and Tiya stop her. Khudu shows her true colours and takes out the knife. She makes them afraid and plans to run away.

Ratna regains her consciousness. Joba introduces herself and other family members. Ratna is in a better condition.