Sreemoyee: Jumbo's behavior leaves Anindya heartbroken

Sreemoyee's current track revolves around Sreemoyee and Anindya. While protagonist Sreemoyee is slowly making a strong foothold in her career, Anindya is losing track.

In the latest episode, Ankita isn’t happy with Anindya’s discussion regarding financial matters. She talks about his expenses for Bukan . Anindya says it is now taken care of by Bukan's dad. Helpless Anindya says, Jumbo being his eldest son, has some responsibilities, too. While Ankita talks about her future plan of settling abroad while Jumbo says he can only contribute Rs. 2000 per month. Anindya realizes Jumbo’s reluctance and denies taking any money from him.

Anindya says he will take care of the expenses like he has been doing. He also talks about taking care of Dithi's education as well. While Jumbo stresses that Sreemoyee should bear the expense since she earns now, Anindya says it is his duty.

Rohit talks to Sreemoyee and asks her to take care of the accounts strictly as he is going out of the country. During the conversation, Rohit talks about his wish to have a stable life. Sreemoyee realizes what he is hinting at.

Ankita blames Anindya and Sreemoyee for not planning Jumbo’s higher education abroad, unlike her parents, Anindya feels bad. He realizes Jumbo and Ankita don’t want to contribute by any means.

On the other hand, Rohit talks about Dinka's career and says he is a talented guy. Rohit says Kia is in love with Dinka .