Sreemoyee: Arna's parents blame Dinka for Sankalpa's death

In the latest episode of Sreemoyee, Arna breaks down in tears. Her parents have also arrived. Arna wasn't expecting them. It is revealed that Dinka informed them of Sankalpa's death. They are not happy with the presence of Dinka and her family. Arna's father blames Dinka for Sankalpa's death. Dinka explains that he had a very good relationship with Sankalpa. Both of them Upal and Sreemoyee Support Dinka.

Sreemoyee says that Arna couldn’t accept Sankalpa initially but gradually, she fell for him. They were happy and Dinka isn’t responsible for the present situation. Arna’sparents, who never liked Dinka, don’t accept the logic. They allege, Dinka is the person who is behind all this mess and did it just because of money.

Sreemoyee , Upal feel insulted by such baseless allegation. Upal tells Arna’s parents, how they stood beside her (Arna). Dinka’s friend also supports him and says Dinka made many sacrifices for the sake of Arna-Sankalpa The happiness.

In the meantime, Anindya speaks with Jumbo and Ankita about financial issues. He has decided to join office once again. Anindya talks about the debt when he was unwell. He wants to sell one of his cars too. A helpless Anindya talks to Jumbo and asks him to stand by him. Ankita is certainly happy with such proposal and talks about her lifestyle. Jumbo is in no mood to help his dad. His attitude leaves Anindya shocked.