Actor Ravi Shaw Celebrates a Peaceful Birthday with Family and Close Friends

Television actor Ravi shaw He turned one more year today and the actor is spending his special day with his family members. Ravi was recently seen on the series. Durga Durgeshwari , which went off the air a few days ago, where he played the lead alongside the actress Adrija Roy . The actor had a small celebration with his close friends in the industry last night and sharing with us the details he said: “Adrija, actor Joey debroy and some of our mutual friends surprised me at midnight by taking me to a café, where I cut a delicious birthday cake. Today, I will be spending my time in an orphanage with some children and will also cook my own birthday lunch. I love cooking and during the confinement in recent months, I have greatly cultivated my culinary skills. I have prepared a chicken changezi for my family members. Also, during this time of virtual birthday celebrations, I am glued to my phone answering everyone who wants me and attending video calls from my family and other friends ”.

The actor is also known for being a fitness fanatic and has missed his training sessions at the gym when it was closed for months late. “I know the gyms have opened recently, but I'm still not sure if it will be safe enough to go train there. During the confinement, I have exercised at home regularly and have also started cycling. I pedal about 30 km every day, ”added Ravi.

Sharing with us your birthday resolution For this year, the actor said: All I hope is that we finish this pandemic Very soon, the vaccine will also come out at the end of this year and we will be able to return to our normal lives. And like every year, I resolve to be positive and keep working hard ”.