Actress Sohini Sengupta opens up about her upcoming show 'Khorkuto' and her 'big happy family' in real life

A new Bengali TV series Khorkuto It will be released soon. The story will revolve around a big fat happy family , where members are side by side through thick and thin. Theatrical prowess Sohini Sengupta will be seen playing an important role in ‘Khorkuto’.

“I will play a lady who appears to be tough on the outside, but deep down she is also very soft and vulnerable. She is part of a big and happy family. She is brave and can go to any length when it comes to her family, ”he said.

Speaking about the character, Sohini said that she has also been part of such a loving family in real life. “I have seen such a big and happy family. For me, it is our theater group. We live, laugh and fight. But we stay together. The main entrance to my parents' house is never locked. I have seen such a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. And if you talk about love and union in a family, let me tell you a story. One time one of our group members was hospitalized and needed blood. So many people volunteered and went to the hospital to donate blood that the authority finally had to tell us that only two units are needed. This is family, ”Sohini said and one can feel the deep emotion in her voice.

The actress, who is known for her acting skills, was last seen on Thakumar Jhuli ’, Playing the role of a storyteller or sutradhar. With ‘Khorkuto’, she will be stepping into a full-fledged mega serial.

“This is indeed a new journey. I'm looking forward to this. To be honest, I was a bit nervous on the first day of shooting. There are many actors like Dulal Da or Chandan Da. I have seen them since my childhood. They are the best actors. Koushik, Ambarish , Trina they are all equally talented, ”he added.