Krishnakoli: Aditya arrives at the police station

Krishnakoli's story is shaping up to take a new twist.

In the last episode, Basanta He asks the police officer why they can't catch Aditya, who is the main culprit according to him (the officer). The policeman, who has already been bribed by Ashok , He says Aditya He is a repeat offender and also smart. Disha is happy as she enjoys a close save from all the allegations and now Aditya is in the center of suspicion. Nikhil wonders whether Aditya is behind Ashok's abduction. Disha takes advantage of the situation and seconds the idea.

Meanwhile, Aditya wakes up to a melodious devotional song. A lady, whose face isn’t shown to the audience yet, performs puja. Aditya is moved by the song. He talks to the lady and says the main culprits are Ashok and Disha. The lady doesn’t speak anything. Aditya repents his past deeds and says none will believe him.

Disha is elated by her success. She gets a call from Ashok who asks Disha not to worry. Disha says what if Aditya opens her mouth. Ashok says, he has made a deal with the cop by offering Rs. 3 crore. In case Aditya gets caught, they will get the news first.