On my mother's birthday, I resolved to make her always happy and proud: Simron Upadhyay

TV actress Simron Upadhyay, who plays the role of Koyel, in the mega series Ke Apon Ke By , leaves no stone unturned to make his mother birthday special at home during the ongoing pandemic. Sharing the details with us, the actress said: “Fortunately today is my day off and also since it is a full day of lockdown, we are having a quiet birthday celebration at home. My mother is my best friend and I love her more. So, given the current situation around us, I tried to make her feel special by putting my efforts and planning a little celebration at home. Due to the closure, my mother's friends and family were unable to visit her today and some of the gifts that were ordered online also did not arrive on time. So to make up for it, my father, my brother, who lives in Bangalore, and I decided to do something special for her.

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Simron arranged a midnight cake-cutting session for his mother while his father had taken his mother for a long drive. “My father took her for a drive at night because he loves it. And in the meantime, I arranged the cakes and decorated the house a little before the clock struck midnight. Today, for lunch, my father waved Biryani how my mom loves it. My father is an excellent cook and always prepares sumptuous dishes on special occasions. Then in the evening we will sing karaoke as Mom loves it. And on each of her birthday, I resolve to keep her happy every day and make her proud, ”added Simron.