Krishnakoli: Nikhil to believe Aditya's words?

Bengali television series Krishnakoli The story features some interesting twists. Of Aditya flee Ashok's custody to give a clue that Shyama still alive, there is enough entertainment in store for the audience.

In the latest episodes, Aditya comes to Chowdhury residence and tries to prove that it’s not him who tried to kill Shyama. In fact, he talks about some deeper conspiracy by Ashok and Disha . He gets baffled seeing Shyama's look-alike and tries to figure out whom he saw back at home.

Nikhil and Sujata don’t believe Aditya. A desperate Disha asks Shyama to testify. This leaves Amrapali , who is in disguise of Shyama, dumbstruck.

Later, Nikhil and Amrapali discuss the matter. She says Aditya's situation is somehow wretched and he can't afford a blazer or a gang. So, it can't be his button that was found in the spot of incidence. But Nikhil highlights the report of DNA test and says Aditya isn't a good guy.

Meanwhile, Aditya is seen in police car right then the police officer gets a call from someone. It makes Aditya curious and asks whether the caller was Ashok. Aditya also talks about DNA test which might prove his innocence.

Aditya knows the cop has been bribed by Ashok. To his surprise, the cop lets him go away.

On the other hand, Disha forces the police to beat Aditya to the pulp until he confesses. The cop says he will let him go following an instruction from the higher authority.

Aditya meets Shyama and tells everything. She writes something on a piece of paper and instructs him to do it.

Disha talks to Ashok and they wonder who far Aditya's source can work. Disha says Nikhil will dig out the matter and it might land them in trouble.

Right then Nikhil knocks at the door. Ashok asks her to expose Amrapali in case she gets caught.

Nikhil tells Disha that police let Aditya go. Disha asks Nikhil to find out the real Shyama who can expose the culprit. She also reveals that the girl living with them is Amrapali.