Indrani Haldar is apprehensive when TV actors start testing positive for Covid-19

After TV series Krishnakoli Lead Actor Neel Bhattacharya tried COVID-19 On a positive Tuesday, his colleagues, contemporaries, and lead actors from other serials are also concerned for his safety despite sanitized filming locations. Sreemoyee Lead Indrani haldar you are in a similar situation.

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“Yes, there are many apprehensions now but we have to keep working at the same time. There is almost nothing we can do except guarantee our individual safety. I've been jerking off since we resumed shooting after the emergency shutdown was raised. And to be honest, there are times when I feel like my hands and feet get cold from the stress on the floor. This tension arises from the fact that such positive cases are increasing among television actors, ”said Indrani.

The actress is also aware of how she spends her time on set. She keeps her guard up continuously and leaves no stone unturned to ensure her own safety. “From the beginning, when we resumed sessions, I have been carrying my own set of coffee mugs, coffee bags, pots and tableware. I often use hand sanitizers and use a mask when there is no injection. The production house and the channel are also taking great care to keep the set disinfected ”, shared Indrani.

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She is keeping her fingers crossed even as there are no cases of COVID-19 from her unit. “Ushasie’s father was hospitalised due to breathing trouble so she quarantined herself and then joined shoot and meanwhile she has tried negative for COVID-19 . Otherwise, there are no cases from our unit. Our producers are extending a helping hand to the actors by doing LIC policies for them. Those interested have availed themselves of the offer. I didn’t. We are all trying to keep our spirits up,” said the actress who works in a 12-hour shift everyday baring her off days and the emergency shutdown days.