Dadagiri's team shoots with Sourav and star guests

The team of Sourav Ganguly ’S Dadagiri had to cancel Shooting twice since the government allowed gunfire in Bengal. The first time, it was because the studio in Rajarhat, where they filmed the series, fell into a containment zone, and the second time, Sourav had to remain in quarantine because his older brother, Snehashis, had tested positive on COVID-19 -19. .nFinally, the team managed to shoot last Saturday. We filmed two episodes, one with six ordinary citizens and the other with Sabyasachi and Mithu Chakrabarty, Debasree Roy , Joyjit Banerjee Rajesh Sharma and Sujan Mukherjee, said Subhankar Chattopadhyay, the director of the program.

When asked about security measures Instead, he said they have limited the number of contestants to six. The gap between them is 6 feet and there is no live audience. Dada (Sourav) now greets contestants with a namaskar instead of a handshake. Also, to avoid contact, winners now take prizes from a fixed location; Given they are not delivered, as was done before, ”he added.

Speaking about the host, Subhankar said: “Dada has a habit of biting her nails. I had to remind him every time I didn't, as he's a security hazard in modern times. Also, we are having him disinfect his hands after each round and he says: Ar koto baar korbo ? ’. He also brought home cooked food.

Joyjit, who had a great time Shooting for the episode, told us, “Dada was quite chilled out on the sets and said he had a nice time during the lockdown. He told us that people are panicking too much and that is doing them more harm. He even said people should also be careful about where they get a COVID-19 test performed to ensure the result is authentic.