Neel Bhattacharya from Krishnakoli tests positive in Covid, in isolation at home

Television actor Neel Bhattacharya , who plays the main role in the series Krishnakoli tested COVID-19 positive today morning. The actor, who had a tough shooting schedule post the lockdown, was very cautious on the set and had taken all the necessary precautions needed to keep himself protected from the virus. But a few days back, one of his colleagues, actor Vivaan Ghosh, who is also a part of the same serial tested positive. Since the time Neel got to know about Vivaan’s case, he too had gone into isolation for seven days and didn’t even go for the shoot. After his doctor said that there were no symptoms, he resumed to work a few days back.

Neel is right now going in complete home isolation but is worried about his parents with whom he had come in close proximity in the past few days. I lost my ability to smell and taste since the day before yesterday, and that's when I thought I should get tested. I got myself tested on Monday, and today the result says that I am COVID-19 positive. Apart from losing my senses for smell and taste, there were no other symptoms.


My parents will be tested soon and I am in home quarantine now. I really do not know how I got affected by the virus. I have had a scene or two with Vivaan even before we knew he was COVID-19 positive. But that too was a week back. I am not sure whether I was affected due to that. While not in front of the camera, we are constantly wearing masks and taking other precautions to stay safe, but we have to remove the mask while facing the camera, ”said Neel.

The health insurance for actors given by the Artists Forum is also in force for Neel and he added: I have my health insurance granted by the producers' guild and the Artists Forum and I am sure that will help me to be admitted to a good hospital if my health condition worsens. But right now, I am in complete isolation and doing what my doctor is telling me to do.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery.