Krishnakoli prepares for a new twist; Shyama is alive?

Bengali television series ‘ Krishnakoli ’He has kept fans glued to the TV screen with his engaging narration. The show is ready for a new twist that is none other than Shyama .

The creators have been spicing history with crooked Radha-Rukmini and Disha-Ashok ’s back-to-back conspiracies and Shyama ’s look-alike Amrapali. Adding to the drama, Aditya also ran away from Ashok’s custody only to give the story a new tweak. He is in a safe place now and a lady is taking care of him. Aditya turns guilt-conscious seeing the lady whose face is yet to be revealed to the audience.

On the other hand, Nikhil has already seen a lady on the street who looks just like Shyama although her (Shyama’s) look-alike Amrapali is at home. So, does it mean Shyama is alive? Well, there lies the twist.

Soon, Nikhil will again meet Shyama . On the other hand, Aditya will also recover from his present condition thereby making the game really tough for masterminds Ashok and Disha who used him to kill Shyama . Well, not to forget, Nikhil has already arranged a show to declare Shyama ’s comeback. He wants to expose the real culprits behind Shyama ’s sudden disappearance. Now, Aditya and Shyama ’s presence will certainly add an extra edge to the upcoming show.

With such a tale of look-alikes and revenge, ‘ Krishnakoli ’ is set to entertain the audience with some high-voltage drama. It will be interesting to see whether such a storyline helps the show to score well on the TRP charts.