Sreemoyee: Arnya informs Dinka about Sankalpa

Manufacturers leave no stone unturned to spice up the current Sreemoyee track, which revolves around June and his unpleasant plan. Although she has been exposed and achieved a near rescue upon landing in jail, she seems in no mood to bow down in front of Sreemoyee .

In the latest episode, Anindya’s Arindam and ex-wife Sreemoyee are visibly upset with him. When Sreemoyee and Dinka talk about leaving the house, Anindya says he will move out. Citing at his recent situation without a job and poor health, Anindya says he is forced to stay in this house. Arindam makes it clear that he should also take June along with him.

Dinka also bursts into anger and asks his dad why he is apologising now when the damage has already been made. Anindya shares he is genuinely sorry for the entire episode. The drama goes a notch higher when June enters the room and asks Anindya why he is in the room speaking with Sreemoyee .

Anindya scolds June and asks her to leave. Dinka and Arindam both remind June what she had done. When June continues to create a ruckus, Arindam warns her to throw out of the house with a court order. June tries her best to gain some sympathy from Anindya but fails.

Dinka practices song. Arnya calls him up, Sreemoyee answers it. The former says, Sankalpa is missing, which leaves Sreemoyee worried. Arnya informs Dinka in detail.

Sreemoyee asks Dinka to help Arnya.