Ke Apon Ke By: His critical condition leaves the Sengupta family concerned

The creators of Ke Apon Ke Por they leave no stone unturned to spice up the current track. Of Bishan The evil plan of the last crisis in the paradise of Param-Joba, the story has some important points.

Itu is in the hospital. Sarthak talks to Mayuri , Tiya and Koel about Ratna. Koel is happy to learn that Sarthak met their grandmother. But they wonder whether Bishan’s goons have taken Ratna in your custody.

Soon, Joba comes and says Ratna is in a safe place.

Joba breaks down into tears and says she met her mom but she couldn’t recognise her. She decides to punish Pratap who is responsible for her mom’s situation.

Despite repeated questions from the family members, Joba doesn't reveal where Ratna is. She Bishan’s men must be keeping an eye on them. Proving Joba’s doubts to be true, a man can be seen overhearing the conversation.

The man appointed by Bishan informs him that Joba’s mom is in a safe place.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Itu that he has a baby. They meet the baby. The doctor reveals that Itu is in critical condition. They are devastated by the news. Srathak breaks down crying.

At home, Khudu is hungry and enjoys food in the absence of other family members. Suddenly, she gets a call from Bishan who informs her about Ratna . He asks her to keep an eye on Joba’s activity. Joba prays for Itu’s well-being.