Krishnakoli: Amrapali leaves Rukmini surprised with her song

In Krishnakoli , Amrapali already in love with Nikhil . But he asks Amrapali not to wait for him and start afresh as soon as they find out the culprits. He still loves Shyama. Amrapali feels bad and tears roll down her cheek.

On the other hand, Aditya try to flee from Ashok custody. He runs for his life as the thugs appointed by Ashok chase him. Disha is also looking for him.

Suddenly a lady helps Aditya to hide.

Disha meets the men who were keeping an eye on Aditya and reprimands them. They describe how Aditya fooled them. They reported Aditya has lost mental stability but Disha isn’t ready to take any chance.

`Nikhil talks to a man and asks him to organize the show on August 8, which is Shyama’s birthday. He also asks him to make sure that CCTV cameras are arranged everywhere along with tight security.

Basanta talks to Nikhil and says his decision of giving Ashok Rs. 50cr is absurd since none will lend them such a huge amount of money. Nikhil shares he isn’t worried about it, rather he is busy with Shyama’s show. Basanta feels Nikhil is taking a risk regarding Shyama.

Nikhil says he is sure, Ashok-Disha will change their plan soon after Shyama’s show.

Amrapali and Alok we talk about rehearsal. Rukmini comes and forces her to sing the songs that Shyama used to perform on stage. Rukmini wants to verify if the woman who lives with them is Shyama.

Leaving her shocked, Amrapali sings the song just like Shyama. Nikhil listens to the song and revisits old memories. Amrapali suddenly stops the song.

A lady takes care of Aditya. He has now become guilt conscious.