Actors Koushik Roy and Trina Saha will be the stars of 'Khorkuto'

A new Bengali television series will be released soon. Actors Koushik Roy , who has been part of many television series, will play the male lead while the actress from Koler Bou Trina Saha She has bagged the role of the female lead in this upcoming Khorkuto show.

Koushik will play a strict guy, who follows certain rules in life. Trina, on the other hand, will play a bubbly Gungun girl. She is full of life. Koushik and Trina will be seen as a jodi reel for the first time.

In addition to Koushik and Trina, the show will also feature Dulal Lahiri, Ratna Ghoshal, Anushree Das , Ambarish Bhattacharyaa and others.

In addition to a beautiful love story, Khorkuto will tell the story of a joint family, its roots and beliefs. The story is written by Leena Gangopadhyay . Leena and Saibal Banerjee Khorkuto will produce.

Both Koushik and Trina are excited about the project bag. The latest Koushik Phagun Bou show starring Oindrila Sen and Vikram Chatterjee It was a success. She played a popular singer, Anurup, also known as Roop, who had many female fans for his charisma. Anurup was a villain who wreaked havoc on the protagonist Mohul's life. Koushik was acclaimed for rehearsing the character convincingly. Trina, on the other hand, played a humanoid in Koler Bou. The comedy-drama featured Rohaan Bhattacharyya as a scientist and Trina playing a humanoid and a village beauty. Trina impressed the audience by playing the double role.