Ke Apon Ke By: Joba meets her mother after 35 years

Bengali television show Ke Apon Ke Por it is transmitting turns from back to back; Credits due to the Bishan-Pratap googlies and the way Joba handles it.

At the hospital, Param and Joy are happy to know that Ratna is alive They discuss how Joba had to stay away from her mother during all these years.

Sarthak says, Ratna is now known as Kusum. When she was found, she had already lost her mental stability. That’s why everyone in the institution calls her Kusum.

Sarthak says Joba will arrange everything for Ratna's release. Param calls up Joba but she doesn't reply. It makes him anxious.

In the rehabilitation home for the women suffering from mental health issues, another team arrives with a letter from the hospital superintendent. They claim to take Ratna with them. The staff is in utter confusion as they don't know whom to believe.

It is revealed, Bishan has sent this group to take Ratna into his custody. But Joba has already made her move and Ratn is safe.

Joba looks at her mom and recalls all memories of her childhood. Tears roll down her cheek. Ratna is unable to recognize her. She lives in the past and thinks Joba is still a baby.

Joba asks the medical officer to take Ratna to a safe place before Bishan reaches her.

Sarthak learns about the incident in the rehabilitation center and realises one of the teams must have been sent by Bishan.

Koel, Mayuri and Tiya reported Sarthak about Itu’s. She needs blood. Joy goes to arrange the same.