Sarbamangala TV Show Completes 100 Episodes

In fact, it is a time of celebration for the Sarbamangala team, as the show has completed 100 episodes. The show stars Sanchaari Das ( Sarbamangala ) and Hritojeet Chattopadhyay (Anish) in the lead roles. Actress Aripta Mondal Jagat Janani Maa Sarada and Kunjochhaya's fame is playing a negative role in this show.

The entire cast and crew are elated at the success and celebrated the achievement.

‘Sarbamangala’ narrates the journey of a strong and independent girl. Independent girl Sarbamangala makes incense sticks to earn a living. She meets Anish who is responsible and honest. Sarbamangala ’s fighting spirit and kind nature impress Anish.

Following some twists, Anish and Sarbamangala decides to get married. But there is a twist. Anish marries Sarbamangala to save her from humiliation while the latter agrees for the same based on the fact that he (Anish) is a good person. But things aren’t easy when there is a vamp like Soumili (played by Arpita).

How Sarbamangala and Anish continue their journey despite facing odds, forms the crux of the story. The two look good as an on-screen jodi and share a crackling chemistry, too. Both Sanchaari and Hritojeet are popular among the audience. Hritojeet has been a part of many popular shows and web-based projects. Hritojeet was seen playing the lead role in period-drama ‘Simana Periye’ right before this show. Saanchari did ‘ Love durga , Which was a popular television show.