Sreemoyee: June begs Sreemoyee to save her

With June's probable arrest for her wrongdoings, Sreemoyee The story is set for a big turn.

In the latest episode, June continues to act as the savior of Sreemoyee. But the facts fail to convince Anindya. He cross-questions June and asks why she used a fake identity at the police station while lodging the complaint. Other than June’s mom-in-law none supports her. Anindya denies helping June, so does Ankita . Jumbo, however, says he will try his best to save June.

Anindya’s mom suggests requesting Rohit to take the case back but June is in no mood to bow down in front of him (Rohit).

The next day, the police come to arrest June. Rohit Arindam we noticed June and her team quite anxious. June pleads with her husband to save her, but he easily denies it. Upal It comes with a box of candy as June will finally be punished.

When Jumbo and other members of team June, try to force police commissioner Bikash, he (Bikash) reveals how Rohit helped him in every way. June maligned Rohit and Sreemoyee, so it is time to face the consequences.

Dinka loses his calm and returns it to June. When June begs Rohit, he talks about holding a press conference just as she (June) involved the media in this bogus case.

The drama touches yet another high point when June requests Sreemoyee to help her out. Sreemoyee is in no mood to forgive her this time.