Krishnakoli: Ashok faces yet another blow; Aditya escapes his custody

The latest episodes of Krishnakoli they are full of new adjustments to the story. From Ashok's desperate attempt to kidnap and expose Shyama The truth about his little mistake of leaving a track at the scene of the incident, the current track has already taken an interesting turn. Well, the last episode also has a twist.

Nikhil plans to dig out the matter and asks the officer to examine the button he has found from the spot of the incident. Ashok tries to discourage him. But Nikhil is in no mood to leave the matter aside until he finds the culprit. He asks the officer to go through the available CCTV footage and find out everything about the car that was seen nearby the house where Shyama ( Amrapali in disguise) remained after the kidnapping. This leaves Ashok and Disha all puzzled

Ashok plans to tamper with the evidence and frame Aditya instead. Ashok decides to bribe someone in the forensic lab to exchange the report. But Disha stresses on killing Aditya.

Aditya is still in Ashok's custody but manages to escape.

Nikhil talks to Amrapali about the function to be held on Shyama’s birthday.

Soon Ashok gets Aditya’s news from his men and starts panicking. Disha asks him to keep calm and let her handle the case.

Nikhil says, he always wanted to celebrate Shyama’s birthday. I have affectionately talks about Shyama which makes Amrapali emotional.

She already fell for him and talks about her feelings. It makes Nikhil feel guilty since he still loves Shyama.