Sreemoyee: June faces heat at home as her nasty plan fails

The Bengali television series Sreemoyee has seasoned the latest song with interesting twists and turns. I know June Desperate attempt to demonstrate Sreemoyee ’S alliance with a human trafficking racket to Rohit Sen-Upal’s determination to save her (Sreemoyee), the storyline is featuring some high-voltage drama these days.

In the latest episode, June falls in a wrong foot after all her nasty plan gets exposed. Recently, she tried to prove that Sreemoyee and Rohit run a human trafficking racket in the name of women empowerment. But June ’s plan backfired. Now, she is being grilled by Upal Rohit and Dinka , who are in support of Sreemoyee.

Rohit explains his reputation was at stake due to June ’s lies. Soon police will arrest her. June gets baffled as Rohit has already lodged a police complaint.

While June is short of words, her new husband Anindya, who is Sreemoyee ’s ex-husband, tries to defend her ( June ). Anindya’s mother is also in favour of June .

Drama gets a notch higher when Rohit and Upal expose June in front of everyone. Rohit mocks June for hatching a plan that was never full-proof.

As soon as Rohit and Upal leave, Anindya reprimands June for stooping to this low. But June continues to cook up stories and says she wanted to save Sreemoyee . June gets yet another shock when Anindya openly supports Sreemoyee and says she can never indulge in such an action.