Filming of Bengali television shows is affected; technicians demand to settle payment fees

Shooting from a series of Bengali television series is halted as technicians are yet to get their dues cleared. Close industry sources suggest that members of the Federation of Cine Technicians & Workers of Eastern India have alleged that technicians are yet to get the one-time money which was earlier promised by the channels during the lockdown.

The members had meetings with two leading television channels and they promised to pay the same. But the technicians are yet to get the money. Many of the technicians were already facing outstanding financial problems to lockdown. Meanwhile, the shootings resumed from June 11. Under these circumstances, the Federation has urged the technicians to stop working until their words are being heard. Many of the units were having shoot since morning and had to stop it abruptly.

A leading actor, who is a part of a popular TV show, said, “I have done my make-up and was waiting for my shot. Suddenly, I was told that the shootings have been suspended. Many of us get paid on daily basis and have been facing financial issues. But the situation of the technicians , especially the junior ones is really worrisome. Many actors have been urged by the TV channels to cut down 20% of their remuneration. On one hand, there is Corona and on the other, there is financial blues, I don’t know how to deal with the situation.”

Meanwhile, units are on tight schedule due to 2-day lockout each week. “We are literally on alert due to the tight schedule. By 8 p.m., we have to wrap up, but at the same time, we have to have enough banking episodes as there is also a 2-day lock, ”shared one actress.

Sources suggest that the channel authorities are having a meeting to solve the problem and resume the shooting.