There are millions of good memories associated with Maa Durga, says Rudrajit Mukherjee in the replay of his show.

Of ' Potol Kumar Gaanwala ' to ' Bijoyini ’, actor Rudrajit Mukherjee has come a long way. Your show ‘ Maa Durga It is slated to run again soon, and the news left Rudrajit excited. The mythological show starring Rudrajit and Payel playing Lord Shiva and Parvati.

And while speaking about his experience, Rudrajit got nostalgic. Maa Durga was my first show as a lead. There are millions of fond memories associated with the show. To be honest, initially, I wasn't sure whether the audience will accept me as Mahadev. Bengali people, have a different portrait of Baba Bholanath. During the rehearsal with Payel di, I was quite nervous. I kept on practicing my lines, looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘Will Bengali audience accept such a lean person as Shiva (laughs)?’ Moreover, I was quite young… 20-21 back then, ”Rudrajit recalls.

The actor shared how he pushed the envelope to get under the skin of his on-screen character. Rudrajit used to work on her body language and expression to appear convincing.

I worked hard until I could convince myself as Lord Shiva. If I'm not convinced when rehearsing a character, how can I expect the audience to accept me on screen? added.

The show lasted almost two years and all the time Rudrajit went to the set barefoot. “I never entered the shooting floor wearing shoes. I used to walk barefoot to the set. I still remember that my costume had little bells attached. While walking, it used to ring and the whole set would know that Mahadev is coming. They would announce it out loud. There were hardly days, the team did not pull my leg (laughs). But yes, we had such a wonderful team. They used to increase my confidence. I am grateful to them and to Payel di. They never treated me like a newcomer, Rudrajit's voice became emotional.

The actor, who is from Purulia, had to play different Shiva avatars sometimes in a single day. The actor shared how difficult it was to switch from one character to another in a short period of time. I played different avatars of Lord Shiva. Sometimes, I had to play 5 different avatars in one day. It was difficult to change from one avatar to another. Then there were different costumes and sometimes I also had to paint my whole body. So we didn't have a fixed time. We had worked for 16-18 hours straight, he said.

One by one, all memories flooded Rudrajit. She recounted a funny incident: “We had to film the last scene once after a long shift. I was supposed to meditate. The manager said it will only take 5 to 6 minutes and then it is a summary of the day. I closed my eyes and meditated. Time passed and I realized it was quite late, but our manager did not say cut. To check it, I opened my eyes and found that the lights were off, there were none on the floor either. In fact, the door was also closed. I was quite surprised and went outside only to find all my team waiting outside. The moment they saw me, they laughed. Rudrajit laughed out loud.

Speaking about the success of ‘Maa Durga’, Rudrajit said, “I felt immense joy when I learned that Maa Durga will be aired once again. The show has been dubbed into other regional languages, too. This is really overwhelming and I count it as a blessing. ”