I really missed the filming floor: Super Singer actor and presenter Jisshu U Sengupta

Actor and presenter Jisshu U Sengupta The Super Singer team, the shooting floor and all kinds of hustle during the closure were terribly missing. In fact, he couldn't wait to get back to the shooting range and enjoy the moments of action from the light camera once again. As the show returns with some interesting changes, Jisshu and Super Singer director and producer Subhankar Chattopadhyay found himself in candid conversation.

“I really missed the shooting floor. During closing, every time I spoke to Subhankar, I asked him about the shoot. Now that we've started shooting, I can't explain how happy I am. We are full of energy and working hard like never before, said Jisshu, who is playing Vidya Balan Wife's husband in an upcoming release.

Speaking about the new normal and the rules to follow on the set, Jisshu readily accepted how things have changed dramatically.

“It is actually new to all of us. From the local boy, the electrician, the technicians to me as host and participant, we are all learning and getting used to it. Also, filming a reality show with a limited number of crew members is really difficult. Once the camera is set up, the lights are on, the rest of the crew leaves the set. Then the musicians enter the set. Contestants are allowed one by one. During filming, if the light needs to be adjusted, one of us comes out just to let the electrician do his job. Every time we need water or tea, we go out and drink it, since we cannot allow an additional person to enter. Subhankar also shared how the team closely follows all rules while shooting amid the crown scare.

The show has welcomed new judges. Abhijeet Bhattacharya , Shaan , Lopamudra Mitra and Rupankar Bagchi as well as some new challengers in the competition. Speaking about the same Jisshu added, “We have new judges in our panel. I have known them for a long time and it is a great experience to work with them once again. Now, we have new challengers too, who will give a tough competition to the existing ones. So, the competition is fierce.”

Interestingly, ‘Super Singer’ was the first Bengali TV show to air fresh episodes shot at home amid the lockdown. When asked about the experience, Jisshu and Subhankar had a good laugh recalling the first day when the latter shared the idea with Jisshu. It was the early days of nation-wide lockdown.

“One day, during the lockdown, Subhankar came up with an idea of shooting from home. I couldn’t believe my ears and thought he was mad. How can we shoot a music reality show from home?” Jisshu laughed out loud.

But Subhankar, who has given many hit non-fiction shows to Bengali audiences, was able to convince him and the channel. “The idea suddenly came to my mind although I had some doubts, too. When I shared the idea with Jisshu Da, he thought I am mad (laughs). But I explained to him in detail and the rest of the journey was quite an experience. From explaining the format of shooting to recording the music, collecting the individual pieces and sending it to the mixing table- it was a series of tasks. If a contestant didn’t have a microphone, we had to arrange one. And the most difficult part was to send it to them because we had a strict lockdown at that time. I can’t explain how many difficulties we had faced but the end result was satisfactory,” said Subhankar.

Busy bee Jisshu, too, shared his experience of shooting from home. “The entire process was really difficult but I don’t know how Subhankar managed it. A big thanks to all our musicians, judges and others who worked really hard to make it a success,” he added.But the host confessed that shooting on the set has a different charm which can’t be compared to the virtual one. “Initially shooting from home was really interesting. But honestly, I started missing the shooting floor. The fun we have while shooting on the floor is missing in this format. I am sure, if I don’t enjoy it as a host, the audience won’t enjoy, too,” Jisshu shared.The handsome actor shared how he had a big smile on his face the moment he got a call time to reach the studio. “I can’t tell you how elated I was to have the call time. I woke up at 5 am, reached the set by 7 am and started shooting by 8 am. Earlier, we used to start shooting by 10-11 am. But now certain norms are to be followed, we start early and pack up by 8 pm. Every day, we try to shoot at least 2 episodes. We are having a two-day lockdown every week now. So, we will try to work as fast as possible. But honestly, I don’t mind doing all these because this is what I love to do,” Jisshu signed out with a big smile on his face