Ke Apon Ke By: Ratna news leave Joba delighted

They are twists and turns that have spiced the history of ‘ Ke Apon Ke Por And the last episode itself has an interesting twist.

Joba returns home and discovers that Itu suffers from labor pain. A doctor reviews Itu and advises family members to admit her to the hospital. Joba informs the male family members.

Khudu watches over them.

Sarthak is on his way home. Over the phone, Param informs him to directly visit the hospital. Sarthak looks at the photo sent by Joba and finds out the lady he met in the mental institution is none other than his granny.

Sarthak calls up Joba that the found his grandmother. Joba can't believe her luck.

Meanwhile, the informant appointed by Bishan listens to everything.

Joba becomes openly emotional and decides to keep the news a secret. She is not aware of the fact that Khudu has already heard it.

On the other hand, Bishan proudly tells his father that he killed Pranabananda. Pratap ask if anyone saw it. The psychopathic Bishan says that local people saw Joba enter her home in the morning, but none noticed.

Soon, Khudu informs Bishan that Ratna its alive

Pratap gets tensed listening to the news and wonders how Ratna could escape death. Bishan assures he will take Ratna into his custody before Joba reaches her.

In the institution for women suffering from mental health problems, three people approach the authority. They want to take Kusum (in reality Ratna) with them to yet another hospital. The hospital staff initially hesitate to let Kusum go with them and speaks with the superintendent. Ratna refuses to leave the place but the staff convinces her.

Sarthak reaches hospital, tells his dad and joy that he met Ratna. This leaves them happy.