Krishnakoli: Nikhil shows the evidence to the police

In the last episode, Ashok talks about his plan to leave the country. He has a bit of an agenda and says that he no longer feels safe at home because of Shyama The enemies that chase them.

He wants to leave the place with his wife and newborn baby. This leaves your family members discouraged. Nikhil He assures that he will not allow anything to happen to other family members. It promises to catch the culprit and punish him. But Ashok is not ready to wait, rather he wants his share of property that leaves family members even more shocked.

Disha It also supports it. A defenseless Basanta begins to feel bad. But this does not stop Ashok.

Seeing his attitude, Basanta denies having given anything.

But Ashok seems to be determined and asks for 1/3 share of the company which is approximately Rs 50cr. Nikhil promises to handover the money but only after Shyama’s show.

Ashok talks to Disha and says the girl is not Shyama but Amrapali . Disha suggests disclosing Amrapali’s identity but Ashok has some other plans. Ashok worries about Arun and Aditya .

Soon, the police officer comes and says a car has been spotted from the CCTV footage of a nearby house. This leaves Ashok worried. Soon, Nikhil gives him the button he had found from the spot. Ashok is left all perplexed, so is Disha.