Singer Nilisha Basak shares her fight with presenter Rachna Banerjee; says she was forced to sell bread and cookies during the running of the bulls

Host Rachna Banerjee is ready with a new episode of ' Didi No. 1 '. The show is ready to host some popular artists . With the recent situation in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the singers shared how their lives have changed dramatically. One of the contestants, Nilisha Basak, known for her melodious voice, shared her terrible experience with Didi Rachna . Due to the harsh financial crisis, Nilisha was forced to sell food on the trail.

The singer is from Hati Bagan area, Kolkata. With no stage shows and other singing projects in hand, Nilisha and her family faced financial problems. She shared how they used almost their last penny during the closure.

We had no other choice in our hands. All savings are gone during closing, I don't have shows. Seeing no other option, I decided to sell milk, cookies, cakes, and other foods on the trail. ” Every day at 6 in the morning, he used to sit near the Hari Ghosh Street tram line and sell food.

Host Rachna lauded Nilisha for her never say never attitude and fighting spirit.

Three other artists also shared how the pandemic is leaving a very extensive effect on their lives. Most of them had to choose an alternative profession to meet daily needs.

These days, there are no local shows due to the pandemic. This has brought musicians, theater artists, Jatra artists and many other livelihoods into play.