Ke Apon Ke By: Bishan cheats on Joba

Ke Apon Ke Por's story is taking an interesting turn. soon Joba He will meet his mother after 35 years. But the path will not be easy; thanks to the endless list of enemies.

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke Por , Joba goes to Pranabananda Mukherjee’s place. The door is open, Joba enters the house. She finds something unusual as soon as she steps in.

She goes inside Pranabananda’s office and looks at his photo. Joba introduces herself and describes Ratna The case. It shows, Bishan he is sitting disguised as Pranabananda.

Although Joba is unable to recognize Bishal, she notices the striking dissimilarity between the man in the photo and the person sitting in front of her. Bishan, dressed as Pranabananda, realises her doubt and explains the photo was taken long ago.

On the other hand, Ratna (now known as Kusum) requests the staff to open the door. She cries a lot and refuses to eat until her daughter Joba comes back. Sarthak listens to her sobbing voice and feels bad. Ratna shouts taking Joba's name. Sarthak, who is having lunch at the institution, gets surprised listening to this.

I have learned from the nurse that her daughter’s name is Joba. Sarthak goes to Ratna’s cell and talks to the doctor who tells him that she (Ratna) was found in Ghatshila.

Bishan (in disguise of Pranabananda) says, Ratna’s case was not much important. It was a simple case of stealing babies and his paper didn’t carry the news. Joba gets shocked when he continuously blames Ratna. Joba also asks why he didn’t report about the custodial death. Bishan shows no interest in speaking with her. Joba gets disheartened and leaves.

Later, it is shown how Bishan killed Pranabananda and took disguise.

On her way to home, Joba gets a call from Sarthak. He asks her to send Ratna’s photo. On a query, Sarthak shares that he met someone who might be Ratna.