Krishnakoli: Ashok discovers the truth about Amrapali

Bengali television series Krishnakoli consecutive laps are being broadcast these days.

In the last episode, Nikhil and Amrapali talk to Nirmal. The latter says that he was worrying about Amrapali ’s well-being. Nikhil assures him about Amrapali ’s safety. Amrapali tells her dad about the function, which makes Nirmal anxious once again. Nikhil and Amrapali explain, this is the only way to catch the culprits.

Ashok waits outside Amrapali’s house, he notices the couple stepping out of the house.

As soon as Amrapali and Nikhil leave, Ashok knocks at the door. Nirmal asks Monoroma to not answer it. He looks outside the window but notices none although Ashok notices Nirmal and Monoroma. Ashok feels happy the moment he realises the lady living with them is not Shyama but her look-alike Amrapali.

Meanwhile, Nikhil and Amrapali comeback home and Papiya serve them food. Nikhil learns from Papiya that Ashok went outside soon after them. Papiya talks about Ashok’s abnormal behaviour. She tells how Ashok was burning something inside his room. Right then, Ashok joins returns and lies about the episodes.

He says he was burning something that wastes things.

Now that Ashok is not afraid of being caught, he has become quite reckless. Soon, Basanta and Sujata join them. Ashok starts blaming Shyama for being the reason behind all the problems.

Ashok says he worries about his daughter’s future. Disha too shares her opinion. Ashok says he will leave the place along with his wife and baby. This leaves family members worried.