Trinayani: Nayan saves her baby from Korak

Trinayani's story has kept the audience glued to the television screen.

In the last episode, Nayan talks to Dripta and he says he can still see Suhasini Devi . Dripta asks her to forget everything. Nayan says there must be some reason behind her vision regarding Suhasini Devi

Nayan's baby shower is being organized by family members. It is a joyous moment in Kripa village.

Nayan suddenly suffers from labor pain. They take her to the hospital shortly after the checkup, she has a vision. She realizes that Korak you are taking your baby.

Nayan starts panicking. She asks Dripta to contact Tarun and wonders whether Korak is still in jail.

Tarun meets Nayan and she tells him about her vision regarding Korak. Tarun assures Nayan.

Later, Nayan gives birth to a baby girl. Dripta is elated, so are the other family members. Nayan still worries and talks to Tarun. He assures that Korak is in jail.

Later, Nayan talks to a nurse and tells her to do something.

At night, Tarun gets a call from the jail and learns Korak has run away. Korak faked being ill and escaped while in the hospital.

Soon, Nayan’s nightmare comes true. Korak, dressed as a staff, takes her baby girl. He seeks revenge for sending him to jail.

As he takes the baby away, Nayan pleads with him to leave the baby. As soon as Korak goes out of Nayan’s cabin, he notices cops waiting for him.

Nayan too eat. To force Nayan and the cops, Korak points the gun at the baby. But Nayan seems to be confident and asks him to go ahead with his plan. In a shocking turn of events, Korak discovers he is holding a doll, not a baby.

Nayan reveals she took help from a nurse and kept a doll in the baby cot assuming Korak’s arrival. Police arrest Korak. Dripta comes and gets shocked seeing Korak in police custody.

Later, family members welcome Nayan and her baby. All family members are euphoric and pose for a selfie. The show ends on a happy note.