Krishnakoli: Ashok to catch Nikhil-Amrapali?

The story of the Bengali television series Krishnakoli is taking an interesting turn with Ashok's conspiracies against Shyama and Nikhil.

In the last episode, Nikhil says that his men watched Shyama ( Amrapali disguised). While Nikhil tells the whole story in detail, Disha is stumped.

Nikhil asks about Ashok. Disha says he is in office. Soon, Ashok shows concern for Shyama and Nikhil.

He gets anxious when Nikhil says that the man who killed one of the kidnappers left his mark.

Basanta he asks Shyama to stay home citing the risk. But Nikhil talks about the next show Shyama will be performing at. He is sure that the enemies will attack Shyama and will be able to catch them. Family members are not ready to expose Shyama to any kind of threat now. Nikhil says this is the only way to catch the culprits.

Later, Ashok looks at his coat and notices the missing button. He decides to burn it. Papiya , who passes through the room, is surprised by the smell and knocks on the door.

Nikhil and Amrapali talk about the button they have found. Nikhil talks about sending it for a forensic test.

Ashok listens to the conversation and gets shocked. Amrapali’s mom calls her up and informs her Nirmal is unwell. Amrapali and Nikhil decides to visit Nirmal’s household.

Ashok listens to the conversation and wonders where the couple is going. Basanta and Sujata Worry about Shyama and don't agree to let the couple out. Nikhil says they will go to his friend's house.

Ashok cross-checks the facts and catches the lie. I wonders whether Nikhil went to Amrapali's home.

Meanwhile, Nirmal seems to be better and ensures Nikhil- Amrapali you don't need to visit the hospital.

Ashok tells Disha that he is going to check whether Nikhil is at Amrapali’s place.