Ke Apon Ke By: Bishan plants an informant in the Sengupta house

Since the last few weeks, television series Ke Apon Ke Por You are getting good results on the TRP charts. Thanks to antagonist Bishan and now his father Pratap, who is the constant reason behind Joba and his family's sleepless nights.

Well, in the latest episode, Bishan abducts Sodu, the lady who works as the househelp. Instead, he sends another girl to Joba’s place. She is supposed to work as his informer.

In Sengupta's house, Koel he warns two boys watching his house. She informs her family. Joy and Param talk to those guys who claim to be local residents.

Soon, the girl appointed by Bishan reaches Sengupta household claiming to be Sodu’s sister, Khudu. She cooks up a story and says her sister is with ailing mom. Joba and other family members have some doubt.

Khudu tries her best to convince the family. Joba wants to be doubly sure and calls up Sodu. The latter is in Bishan’s custody and says Khudu is her sister.

Sarthak and her friends visit a home for destitute women with mental problems. Also realizes Ratna and inquires about her. The nurse informs him about Ratna’s sordid past.

Ratna, who believes her daughter Joba is still a kid, talks to Sarthak. She asks whether he met her little daughter playing in the neighborhood.

Sarthak feels bad and his eyes turn moist seeing Ratna's situation. Sarthak leaves the place as he can't bear her pain. The moment he leaves, Ratna reveals her daughter’s name is Joba.

Khudu starts working at Joba’s place. She learns about Joba’s appointment with Pranabananda Mukherjee and informs Bishan about the same.

Itu suddenly starts feeling unwell and contacts Sarthak.