Krishnakoli: Nikhil saves Amrapali

Bengali television show Krishnakoli it features high voltage turns one after another.

In the last episode, the thugs take Amrapali (disguised as Shyama). Ashok He talks to his men and orders them to wash their faces with soap and water. He is eager to know if she is Shyama or Amrapali.

Rukmini you come back home and pretends to be innocent. She cries profusely while informing family members about Shyama’s abduction.

On the phone, Disha Ashok informs about Rukmini’s arrival. Ashok asks her to make sure that police doesn't get involved. Basanta you come and learns about the news. He you decide to talk to police but Disha stops him. She asks him to speak with Nikhil first but his (Nikhil’s) phone is unreachable.

Meanwhile, the thugs intend to wash Amrapali's face. She worries a lot and at that moment, Nikhil, along with the police comes and catches the thugs. It shows how Nikhil had already contacted the police.

Nikhil says that he knew someone would try to attack Shyama. He asks one of the goons to reveal who appointed them. Before the leader of the gang could be taken by the police, Ashok shoots him from the outside. This leaves everyone shocked.

The police officer searches for the attacker while Nikhil finds a button and realizes that it belongs to the shooter.

Later, Amrapali informs Nikhil about the incident and tells Rukmini left her in the temple premises when the goons had abducted her.

At home, Rukmini creates a big drama at home. In a dramatic turn of events, Nikhil and Shyama enter the room.

Ashok feels guilty after shooting at the man.

Family members heave a sigh of relief seeing Shyama (Amrapali in Shyama's avatar) safe. Nikhil shares he knew the enemies would attack and that's why his men were keeping an eye on Shyama.