Trinayani: Korak is arrested for killing Suhasini Devi

In Trinayani , the drama has increased a bit more thanks to detective Nayan. She cracks Suhasini Devi's case and reveals that Korak is the one who had killed innocent Suhasini Devi. Nayan He explains his motive behind the murder as well.

Korak denies the charges and tries to play smart. His doctor friend pleads to be innocent but Nayan seals their lips with the facts she had found.

Nayan reveals that Korak didn't want to join his family business and wanted to do something on his own. When his dad denied giving any money, he went to his grandmother Suhasini Devi. Although she loved Chunilal aka Korak, Suhasini didn't take his plans seriously and rather thought he had a fight with Aniruddha. She promised him to speak with his eldest son and solve the issue between them. Korak couldn’t digest the refusal. He stole the diamonds from his dad’s cupboard and Aniruddha had guessed that his son is behind the theft. I've decided to keep quiet thinking about the family reputation.

Such revelations left Sanyal family disheartened. Nilima reprimands her son which irks Korak.

Nayan says that Korak Sought revenge on Suhasini Devi by forcefully feeding the diamonds. An ailing Suhasini was already bedridden by then and lost her speaking ability. Her nurse Moumita helped Korak to take her out of the house while his doctor friend materialized the rest of the plan.

Nayan also says when the case was reopened, Korak was left all perplexed that’s why I wanted to frame his dad. He also wanted to eliminate Moumita. Nayan adds that Korak faked his accident to have a strong alibi so that none can accuse him of the murder attempt on Moumita.

When Korak denies the charges, inspector Tarun shows Korak’s watch which was found from the incident spot.

In a dramatic turn of events, Korak takes the gun from Tarun ’s pocket and points it at his family. Nayan comes in between when he points the gun at his dad. Korak soon points the gun at his head to pressurise the police but Tarun nabs the gun and arrests him.