The Bengali TV show Ke Apon Ke For complete 4 years

Joba-Param And his story has successfully glued the audience to the television screen. The show, which started with young house help Joba's fight to make her place in the Sengupta family, has introduced many twists to the story, featured time jumps, and yet continues to enjoy a large audience. Well, the family drama has completed 4 years today (July 25). In fact, it's a joyous time for the entire team that worked hard to make the show a success.

Yesterday (July 24), the cast and crew enjoyed a festive atmosphere.

The show stars Pallavi Sharma Biswajit Ghosh, Kalyani Mondal, Anannya Biswas, Rohit Mukherjee, Chidananda, Arindya Banerjee Indranil Chatterjee, Titli Aich, Simran Upadhyay , Anindita Ray Chaudhury , Soumi Paul and many others.

Pallavi and Biswajit are playing the main characters Joba and Param. Joba is a domestic help who marries his employer's son, Param, in unavoidable circumstances. Although Param's father loved Joba more than anything, most of his family members could not accept her. But Joba won everyone's heart, except Tandra (previously played by Monalisa Paul and now rehearsed by Bulbuli Panja).

Joba completes her education and becomes a lawyer after marriage. But her journey was never easy. On her way, she made many friends and enemies, but she never compromised on her ethics. Joba faced many googlies from her enemies apart from Tandra, which in turn made the story quite interesting.

From fighting the organ trafficking scam and punishing them to defusing a bomb at his daughter's school, Joba has done it all! The show also became the fodder for trolls on social media.

The young Joba is the mother of three children and will soon become a grandmother too, but the show continues to perform well on the TRP charts even after running for so long. This week too, ‘ Ke Apon Ke Por He secured the second position on the TRP charts, beating other shows.