Trinayani: Nayan reveals that Korak killed Suhasini Devi

The last song in Trinayani has reached its climax. Adarsh ​​bahu Nayan who has been blessed with the power of precognition , deciphers Suhasini Devi's case as a professional detective.

In a nail-biting episode, Nayan slowly unfolds the case and informs the entire incident to Sanyal family.

Nayan says, she saw Suhasini Devi in ​​her vision wearing a diamond necklace which had a beautiful locket with a Chuni (Ruby). But none of the family members saw such jewelery in possession of Suhasini Devi. Aniruddha told her about the stolen diamonds. Other family members get surprised since they were unaware of such precious stone. Soon, everyone starts thinking that Aniruddha is the real culprit. But Nayan says that he is not the one to be blamed.

She adds, Aniruddha wanted to keep his family safe and that's why I stopped Nayan and Tarun to investigate the matter.

Aside from Aniruddha, one person knew about the diamonds that were stolen before the computer raid. He dropped the diamonds into a glass of water and forcibly gave it to Suhasini Devi, who was paralyzed. Later, they took her to the hospital and removed the diamonds from Suhasini Devi's stomach. Sick Suhasini Devi succumbed to the wound and her body was thrown into a nearby pond.

Sanyal family stays shell shocked. Nayan says, she saw in her vision a glass of water along with crystalized sugar being fed to Suhasini Devi although she was diabetic. But Nayan couldn’t realize those were diamonds and not sugar.

As the suspense reaches its climax, Nayan reveals it was Korak who killed his grandmother. Every time she saw Suhasini Devi, she saw Chuni because, Suhasini Devi used to call Korak as Chunilal . Not only, Korak but the doctor who is accompanying him is the one who brought out the diamonds from Suhasini Devi’s stomach. Korak denies all the charges and right then Nayan reveals he was shot by the police while escaping the hospital after a failed murder attempt on Moumita, who helped Korak on the day of the incident.