Ke Apon Ke By: Joba will gather more evidence to fight for Ratna

Ke Apon Ke Por's story has already taken a new turn as the protagonist Joba takes an oath to prove her mother's innocence in a 35-year-old case.

In the latest episode, Joba's mom Ratna has lost her mental stability and is in a home. She is still living in the past and thinks Joba is still a baby. She talks to Joba in her imagination.

The nurse refers to Ratna as Kusum and talks about her sordid past with other staff.

Joba prays to god to help her. Suddenly, a flower drops hinting that she will win the battle.

Sarthak gets ready as he is going out. On query, he informs his family about visiting a home for destitute women suffering from mental issues. Sarthak and his friends want to distribute food and essentials among the inmates of the home. Though the family members laud the initiative, they are worried about the outbreak and stop Sarthak from going out. Param and Joy explain how it is risky especially because Sarthak’s wife Itu is pregnant. But Sarthak insists that he will take all the precautionary measures before stepping out amid the outbreak.

Itu herself requests Sarthak to go.

Later, Joba shares that she has asked Surya visit the court and organize everything to reopen Ratna's case. She also talks about meeting Pranabananda Mukherjee, the editor of Bohuria Barta newspaper that knows the Ratna case.

Koel comes and says two men are keeping an eye on their home. Joba and Param inquire the matter. While Param wants to talk to those unknown guys keeping an eye on them, Joba doesn't think there is much to worry about.