Trinayani: Nayan solves the case

Trinayani's story will take a whole new turn as Nayan has resolved the case and will soon reveal the name of the culprit.

In the latest episode, Tarun talks to Nayan about the pond and the tannery near the hospital where Korak is admitted now. Nayan discusses the matter with Dripta and discover that the culprits may have thrown Suhasini Devi's corpse in the pond. The bad smell of tannery helped to dominate the smell of the decomposed body.

Later, Nayan has a nightmare and wakes up. In her dream, she notices Suhasini Devi in ​​operation theater and a doctor bringing out some diamonds from her body.

Someone knocks on the door and it is none other than Rangana . While speaking with her she gets a hint and finds out the connection between Suhasini Devi’s disappearance and the precious stone she had seen in her earlier visions.

Nayan asks inspector Tarun to inform members of Lahiri family to visit her soon. She also talks about bringing Korak to their house.

Rangana is excited seeing Nayan working like a professional detective. She wants to know who the real culprit is.

One by one all the family come to Nayan’s place. A doctor accompanies Korak who is on the wheelchair.

Members of Suhasini Devi’s family are anxious as Nayan addresses them. Each of the family members reacts in different ways. While some are anxious, some pretend to be innocent.

Nayan says there is more than one person involved in the case. While there is a particular man behind this entire conspiracy, there are others who helped that person. Nayan discloses, Moumita helped the culprit out of fear. She also says there were two back to back murder attempts on Moumita only to hush her voice. This leaves family members in utter shock.