Didi No. 1 to welcome the Krishnakoli family

The Krishnakoli television series has kept fans glued to the audience on the television screen. Shyama, Nikhil, Sujata, Radha, Disha, and all the characters are quite popular with viewers. Host Rachna Banerjee is prepared to receive the Krishnakoli family in its Didi No. 1 program. Shyama ( Tiyasha Roy ), Sujata ( Nibedite Mukherjee ), Papiya (Priyanka Halder) and Radha (Sreemoyee Chattoraj) will play the fun games with Didi Rachna. The actresses will be seen in their avatar on the screen.

All the ladies had a gala during filming. The filming of Didi No. 1 had a lot of energy. From sharing funny incidents during the filming of Krishnakoli to some secrets, the participants had fun. Nibedita shared how the entire team has become a family during filming. Tiyasha also spoke about her experience on this show with which she made her television debut. All the beautiful ladies danced with their hearts on the Didi No. 1 stage as well.

Krishnakoli is one of the most popular television shows. Tiyasha plays the protagonist Shyama (and now Amrapali) while Neel Bhattacharya is paired in front of him. They share a crisp on-screen chemistry that cannot be missed. Nibedita plays Nikhil's mother while Priyanka and Tiyasha are her daughters-in-law. Sreemoyee is playing a negative character. Radha and her mother are the reason behind Shyama's nightmare. The show has a good score on the TRP charts and has a pretty good score.